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  • reginathehero:

    At least we know Regina is actually in the episode next week.

  • jr-abraxas:

    So we’ve established that Hook really hasn’t changed. 
    And we’ve established that Rumple really hasn’t changed. 

    Jeez I wonder who has?

  • amenregina:

    this is the best swan queen video


  • imasadpotato:

    proof swan-queen should be canon

  • intotheheadwinds:

    Lana Parrilla + Jared Gilmore

  • faithandfearcollide:

    I found it really sweet that Henry made sure Regina knew she didn’t have to buy his love. But she wasn’t trying to. She just wanted to do something nice for him.

  • Elizabeth Mitchell - x

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  • "They’ve made every villain absolutely fascinating. The Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) is one of my favorite characters. I love watching her. It’s so fun how they’ve taken this person who can’t possibly be saved and made her into one of our heroines"
  • calmskiesfierynights:

    I’m just so thankful Lana Parrilla knows her character so well.